Second Brain Method

15 Best Mymind Alternative Recommendations For Note-Taking

Looking for a Mymind alternative for note-taking? Check our list of the 15 best alternatives that cater to your specific needs and preferences.

May 18, 2024

Second Brain Method

15 Best Mymind Alternative Recommendations For Note-Taking

Looking for a Mymind alternative for note-taking? Check our list of the 15 best alternatives that cater to your specific needs and preferences.

May 18, 2024

Second Brain Method

15 Best Mymind Alternative Recommendations For Note-Taking

Looking for a Mymind alternative for note-taking? Check our list of the 15 best alternatives that cater to your specific needs and preferences.

May 18, 2024

Mymind Alternative
Mymind Alternative
Mymind Alternative

Mymind alternative offers a powerful Second Brain method for improved cognitive function. Learn how to boost your brainpower and improve your memory and focus. Dive into the fascinating world of alternative mind techniques. Join us on this exciting journey of self-improvement, health, and wellness. Uncover the secrets behind unlocking your brain's true potential. Let's get started!

Table of Contents

What Is Mymind?

apps on mobile - Mymind Alternative

Mymind is a unique note-taking app that offers a refreshing approach to capturing and organizing thoughts, ideas, and information. Unlike traditional note-taking apps, Mymind prioritizes a visual and intuitive user experience, allowing users to save content in a manner similar to Pinterest.

Focus on Simplicity and Ease of Use

Mymind aims to provide a private and personal space for users to save and connect their ideas without distractions. One of the key aspects of Mymind is its focus on simplicity and ease of use. It aims to minimize the time spent on organizing and categorizing content, allowing users to focus more on capturing their thoughts and ideas.

Combining the Best Features of Evernote and Pinterest

Mymind is a mix between the likes of Evernote thanks to its note-taking and web clipping abilities, and Pinterest, thanks to its visual abilities with images, themes and aesthetic feel. It offers a great array of features that are so well crafted as a premium note-taking experience, with good search, sync and multimedia capture. 

Mymind Features

person using mobile - Mymind Alternative

1. Visual Note-Taking

Mymind is a powerful and very visual note-taking tool. It's more than just lots of words on a page with hashtags and other keys for connecting notes. MyMind allows you to create a visual board with images, videos, links, notes, web clippings and much more. You can create visual mood boards for personal projects such as writing a new book or designing a fashion brand. You can also create notes for writing daily notes, planning a project or keeping all research notes together. 

In addition to the visual abilities, your thoughts and notes can be organized into their own Spaces. Spaces are where all notes are magically curated into a single space, meaning you don't have to search. You can just go into a Space and find all related items.

2. Powerful Search & Automatic Tagging

Mymind has a super powerful search function, kind of turning your Mymind app into your own personal brain where you can search for past notes, ideas or thoughts you may have had and bring them all up, connected, in one space. Mymind uses AI to automatically categorize and tag your notes, even from reading images and web clippings. 

This means you do not have to manually tag anything to connect any notes, all you have to do is write, save and let Mymind do the rest. The search function allows you to use different commands and keywords to narrow down your search. For example, you can use a time frame such as 'last week' to find related notes from the past week, or you can use a keyword such as recipes and then maybe a keyword such as lunch or dinner.

3. Versatile and Customisable

Mymind is a very versatile and customizable note tool. You can create notes in a range of formats such as text, images, audio and video, giving you the freedom to capture all your ideas in a way that works best for you. You might prefer to create a video to explain an idea or show a product or simply write a load of text to brain-dump your ideas. You can do this in Mymind and then let the app automatically connect your notes together.

You can also personalize Mymind with different colors, fonts and formatting options to create a personalized note-taking experience that feels fun and fits in with your personal aesthetic. We find this helps motivate you to actually want to use the app as well.

4. To-Do Lists

You can also use Mymind to create to-do lists, this is helpful for managing your daily tasks alongside your notes. You can even drag your to-do list into the top of mind section so its the first thing you see when you open the app. 

To create a to-do list in Mymind just create a note like you usually would, add in your tasks and click the tick. This then creates a note with little circles you can check off. You can also create a normal larger note, let's call it 'Today' and in here you can create a larger list of tasks to do.

Let Otio be your AI research and writing partner — try Otio for free today!

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Limitation Of Using Mymind

notes oepend on tablet - Mymind Alternative

1. Limited Text Formatting

Compared to other note-taking apps, MyMind offers limited text formatting options, which might be restrictive for users who require advanced text editing features. While you can still make text bold, italicize it, change the font size, or create bulleted lists, other tools can do more, like changing text color or font type. So, if you require more advanced features, MyMind might not be the right choice for you.

2. Learning Curve for Advanced Features

While the basic features are easy to use, some of the more advanced organizational tools and customizations might require time to master. From tags to cross-references, learning all of the ins and outs of MyMind can take some time. So, users looking for a simple tool might find it overwhelming.

3. No Free Version

Unlike some other note-taking apps that offer a free version with basic features, MyMind is a paid service. This might be a barrier for some users. So, if you’re on a budget or unsure about investing before trying, you might want to consider free options first.

4. Limited Integration with Other Tools

MyMind lacks extensive integrations with other productivity tools and apps, which could be a disadvantage for users relying on a connected ecosystem. Unlike some of the alternatives that let you streamline your entire workflow, MyMind isn’t quite as robust when it comes to third-party integrations. If you rely on other tools to get work done throughout the day, this could be a deal-breaker for you.

5. Feature Set Might Be Too Simple for Some Users

Users looking for a note-taking app with a wide range of features, such as task management, collaborative tools, or extensive text editing, might find MyMind’s feature set too basic. MyMind is a simple note-taking app that offers basic features. If you’re looking for a more robust tool that helps you get more done, you might want to look elsewhere. 

AI Resead Wrirch anting Partner

Knowledge workers, researchers, and students today suffer from content overload and are left to deal with it using fragmented, complex, and manual tooling. Too many of them settle for stitching together complicated bookmarking, read-it-later, and note-taking apps to get through their workflows. Now that anyone can create content with the click of a button - this problem is only going to get worse. 

Otio solves this problem by providing one AI-native workspace for researchers. It helps them

1. Collect

A wide range of data sources, from bookmarks, tweets, and extensive books to YouTube videos. 

2. Extract key takeaways

With detailed AI-generated notes and source-grounded Q&A chat

3. Create

Draft outputs using the sources you've collected

Otio helps you go from reading list to first draft faster. Along with this, Otio also helps you write research papers/essays faster. Here are our top features loved by researchers: AI-generated notes on all bookmarks (Youtube videos, PDFs, articles, etc.), Otio enables you to chat with individual links or entire knowledge bases, just like you chat with ChatGPT, as well as AI-assisted writing. 

Let Otio be your AI research and writing partner — try Otio for free today!

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15 Best Mymind Alternative Recommendations

mobile and copy on a table - Mymind Alternative

1. Otio

Otio solves the problem of content overload for knowledge workers by providing an AI-native workspace for researchers. Its features include collecting data from various sources, extracting key takeaways with AI-generated notes, and creating draft outputs using collected sources. Otio also offers AI-assisted writing, making it an essential tool for researchers. 

Let Otio be your AI research and writing partner — try Otio for free today!

2. MyMemo

MyMemo is designed as a simple and intuitive note-taking application that focuses on providing a straightforward experience for capturing and organizing memos.

Key Features

Customizable Memos

Users can create and personalize memos, allowing for tailored note-taking.


Memos can be categorized to enhance organization and retrieval.


Set reminders for important memos to ensure timely attention.

User-Friendly Interface

Designed for ease of use, making it accessible for users who need a no-fuss note-taking solution.

3. Mem

Mem uses artificial intelligence to assist users in organizing their notes and ideas. It aims to make information retrieval effortless through smart features.

Key Features

AI-Assisted Organization

Automatically organizes notes and highlights important information.

Real-Time Collaboration

Collaborate with others in real-time, making it ideal for teams.

Smart Tagging

Uses tags to help categorize and find notes easily.


Connects with various other tools and platforms to streamline workflows.

4. MindPal

MindPal is an app focused on organizing thoughts, tasks, and projects visually, often using mind mapping techniques.

Key Features

Visual Mind Maps

Create and manage mind maps to organize information visually.

Task Management

Integrate tasks within mind maps to keep track of to-dos and deadlines.

Project Tracking

Tools for managing and tracking progress on various projects.

Collaboration Features: Share mind maps and collaborate with team members.

5. Evernote

Evernote is a robust note-taking and organization app that offers a wide range of features for managing notes, tasks, and projects. It's widely used by individuals and teams for its versatility.

Key Features

Web Clipping

Save web pages, articles, and other online content directly to Evernote

Multimedia Notes

Add text, images, audio, and other multimedia to notes

Task Management

Create to-do lists and set reminders to manage tasks

Document Scanning

Use your device to scan and digitize documents

Extensive Integrations

Connect with numerous other apps and services to enhance productivity.

6. Walling

Walling is an idea management and project organization tool that allows users to visually organize tasks and ideas on a virtual wall. It's designed to provide a clear and structured workspace.

Key Features

Visual Task Boards

Organize tasks and ideas on customizable visual boards.

Project Planning

Tools for planning and managing projects, including timelines and milestones.

Idea Tracking

Capture and organize ideas in a structured manner.

Team Collaboration

Share boards and collaborate with team members in real-time.

7. Craft - Docs and Notes Editor

Craft is a note-taking and document creation app that emphasizes beautiful design and seamless organization. It is known for its rich text formatting and collaborative capabilities.

Key Features

Rich Text Formatting

Create visually appealing documents with advanced formatting options.

Real-Time Collaboration

Work with others in real-time, making it ideal for team projects.


Link between documents to create a web of related information, enhancing context and navigation.


Integrates with various tools like Calendar, Email, and other productivity apps.


Available on iOS, macOS, and web, allowing seamless access across devices.

8. Napkin Ideas

Napkin Ideas is a simple tool for capturing and organizing small bits of information or fleeting ideas. It is designed to be a quick and easy way to jot down thoughts.

Key Features

Quick Capture

Easily jot down ideas and thoughts as they come.


Use tags to organize and categorize your ideas.

Minimalistic Design

Focuses on simplicity and ease of use, reducing distractions.


Quickly find ideas using the search function.

9. is a powerful bookmarking service that helps users organize and access web content efficiently. It supports saving various types of content and organizing them in a structured way.

Key Features

Advanced Search

Find saved content quickly with powerful search capabilities.

Tagging and Collections

Organize bookmarks into collections and use tags for easy navigation.

Cross-Platform Support

Available on web, desktop, and mobile devices, ensuring access anywhere.


Share collections with others and collaborate on content organization.


Integrates with many other tools and services to streamline workflows.

10. Logseq

Logseq is an open-source knowledge management and collaboration tool built around a graph database. It is designed for networked thought and personal knowledge management.

Key Features


Create and manage content in an outline format, making it easy to organize information hierarchically.


Link between notes and see relationships visually through a graph view.

Graph View

Visualize connections between notes and ideas in a graph format.

Markdown Support

Uses Markdown for formatting, making it simple and lightweight.

Local-First Storage

Keeps data stored locally for privacy and offline access.

11. Obsidian

Obsidian is a knowledge base that works on top of a local folder of plain text Markdown files. It emphasizes a flexible and powerful system for personal knowledge management.

Key Features

Bidirectional Links

Create links between notes and see relationships in both directions.

Graph View

Visualize how notes are connected in a graph.


Extend functionality with a wide range of community-developed plugins.

Local-First Storage

Data is stored locally, ensuring privacy and offline access.


Highly customizable interface and functionality to fit various workflows.

12. Evernote

Evernote is a comprehensive note-taking and organizational tool that helps users manage notes, tasks, and more. It’s widely used for its versatility and extensive features.

Key Features

Web Clipping

Save web pages, articles, and other online content directly to Evernote.

Multimedia Notes

Add text, images, audio, and other multimedia to notes.

Task Management

Create to-do lists and set reminders to manage tasks.

Document Scanning

Use your device to scan and digitize documents.

Extensive Integrations

Connect with numerous other apps and services to enhance productivity.

13. Muse Canvas

Muse Canvas is a visual thinking tool designed for creative individuals to organize ideas and projects on an infinite canvas. It emphasizes spatial organization and freeform creativity.

Key Features

Infinite Canvas

A boundless space to place and organize your ideas visually.

Multimedia Support

Integrate images, text, sketches, and other media.

Gestural Interface

Utilize touch gestures for intuitive interaction and navigation.


Share your canvas with others for collaborative brainstorming.


Connect with other tools to import and export content.

14. Bleep

Bleep is a privacy-focused messaging app developed by BitTorrent. It offers secure communication with end-to-end encryption and anonymity features.

Key Features

End-to-End Encryption

Ensures that messages are secure and can only be read by the intended recipient.


Allows users to communicate without sharing personal information.

No Central Servers

Uses peer-to-peer technology, meaning no centralized servers store your data.

Offline Messaging

Messages are stored locally and delivered when both parties are online.

Voice Calls

Supports secure voice calls with encryption.

15. Keep (Google Keep)

Google Keep is a versatile note-taking app that integrates seamlessly with the Google ecosystem. It is designed for quick note-taking, reminders, and organization.

Key Features

Quick Notes

Capture notes quickly with text, lists, voice recordings, and images.


Set time-based or location-based reminders for your notes.

Labels and Color Coding

Organize notes using labels and colors for easy retrieval.


Share notes with others and collaborate in real-time.


Syncs with Google Drive and integrates with other Google services for enhanced productivity.

What To Look Out For In A Mymind Alternative

person using laptop - Mymind Alternative

1. Visual Approach to Note-taking

When considering an alternative to Mymind, it's important to look for tools that offer a visual approach to note-taking. These tools should allow you to create boards with images, videos, links, notes, and web clippings. This visual element can help you organize your thoughts and ideas in a more intuitive and creative way.

2. Customizable and Aesthetic Feel

Another factor to consider is the customization and aesthetic feel of the tool. You want a tool that allows you to organize tasks, notes, images, and more in a way that suits your personal style and preferences. Being able to customize the look and feel of your digital workspace can make a big difference in how productive and comfortable you feel using it.

3. AI-driven Organization

Opt for tools that utilize AI to automatically categorize and tag your notes. This can help eliminate the need for manual organization and save you time in the long run. AI-driven organization can also help you discover connections between your notes that you might not have noticed otherwise.

4. Connectivity and Search Function

Look for tools that can connect your notes together, even from reading images and web clippings. Having interconnected notes can help you see the bigger picture and draw insights that might not be immediately obvious. Make sure the tool provides a powerful search function, so you can quickly find the information you need when you need it.

5. Task Management

Consider tools that allow you to create to-do lists and manage daily tasks alongside your notes. Having your tasks and notes in one place can help you stay organized and focused on what needs to be done. This integration can also help you see the bigger picture of your projects and tasks.

Why Otio Is The Best Alternative To Mymind — Try Otio for Free Today

peron using mobile - Mymind Alternative

Otio is a game-changing AI workspace designed for knowledge workers, researchers, and students who are drowning in a sea of information. Imagine this: you have access to a wide range of data sources at your fingertips, from bookmarks to YouTube videos. 

Otio helps you collect this information effortlessly, extracting key takeaways and organizing them into detailed AI-generated notes and source-grounded Q&A chats. With Otio, you can seamlessly transition from a reading list to a first draft in record time, making it a breeze to create research papers and essays.

Otio: Your One-stop Solution for Information Overload

Otio enables you to generate AI notes on a variety of content, including YouTube videos, PDFs, and articles. This feature streamlines the research process and makes it easier to revisit your sources later. You can rest assured that Otio has your back when it comes to organizing your thoughts and findings.

Chat like a Pro

Otio allows you to chat with individual links or entire knowledge bases, mimicking the ease of conversing with ChatGPT. This functionality promotes collaboration, enabling you to discuss your research with others and gather feedback effortlessly. With Otio, you can refine your ideas and explore new perspectives.

AI Assisted Writing

Otio also boasts AI-assisted writing, making it a breeze to get your thoughts down on paper. This feature is a game-changer for those who struggle with writer's block or find it challenging to articulate their ideas clearly. Otio's AI can help you refine your writing and enhance your productivity.

Otio: Your Go-to Research and Writing Partner

Otio is an invaluable tool for anyone grappling with content overload. With its cutting-edge features, like AI-generated notes, seamless chats, and AI-assisted writing, Otio can transform the way you approach research and writing. Say goodbye to information overload and hello to streamlined productivity with Otio. 

Try it for free today!

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