Second Brain Method

Reflect Note Taking App Reviewed, Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Considering Reflect Note Taking for organizing your thoughts? Get all the details on its features, pricing, and advantages in our review.

May 16, 2024

Second Brain Method

Reflect Note Taking App Reviewed, Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Considering Reflect Note Taking for organizing your thoughts? Get all the details on its features, pricing, and advantages in our review.

May 16, 2024

Second Brain Method

Reflect Note Taking App Reviewed, Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Considering Reflect Note Taking for organizing your thoughts? Get all the details on its features, pricing, and advantages in our review.

May 16, 2024

woman using Reflect Note Taking
woman using Reflect Note Taking
woman using Reflect Note Taking

If you want to take your note-taking to the next level, you have to try the Second Brain method. By integrating Reflect note taking into your routine, you can boost your memory retention, increase productivity, and gain a deeper understanding of the information you're learning. Reflect note taking is a powerful tool that helps you make better use of the information you consume, and it's simple to learn. Ready to supercharge your learning? Let's dive in.

Table of Contents

What Is Reflect Note Taking App?

Reflect is a comprehensive and intuitive note-taking application that caters to a wide variety of users, including students, professionals, and researchers. Its design focuses on enhancing productivity and organization by streamlining the process of capturing, organizing, and retrieving information efficiently.

Features of Reflect Note Taking App

Reflect provides all the standard features of note-taking apps with unique additions. Its seamless web snippets capture feature is particularly noteworthy, allowing users to effortlessly save information from the internet. Reflect offers the functionality to share notes and integrate with your calendar, further enhancing its utility.

Reflect Platform Availability

For maximum accessibility, Reflect is available across multiple platforms, including Mac, iOS, and through Chrome and Safari extensions. This wide availability ensures that users can seamlessly transition between devices and access their notes wherever they go.

Reflect Note Taking App Audience

Reflect is well-suited for professionals, students, researchers, and anyone in need of a robust note-taking system. Whether you are managing project notes, conducting research activities, or maintaining a personal journal, Reflect provides a powerful and intuitive platform to meet your note-taking needs.

Data Security and Privacy in Reflect Note Taking App

The application employs end-to-end encryption to ensure that users have complete control and ownership of their notes at all times. This commitment to data security guarantees the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive information stored within the Reflect app.

Overall, Reflect serves as a reliable and feature-rich solution for individuals seeking to enhance their note-taking experience across various contexts and disciplines.

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Features Of The Reflect Note Taking App

man checking out features of Reflect Note Taking

1. Bi-Directional Linking

Reflect offers bi-directional linking, allowing users to create connections between notes. This feature helps in creating a network of related ideas, making it easier to navigate through your notes and see how different pieces of information are interrelated.

2. Daily Notes

The app provides a dedicated space for daily notes, encouraging users to jot down thoughts, tasks, and reflections each day. This helps in maintaining a daily log of activities and ideas, promoting consistency in note-taking.

3. Tags and Hashtags

Reflect allows the use of tags and hashtags to categorize and organize notes. This makes it easier to search for and retrieve notes based on specific topics or themes.

4. Backlinks

When you link to another note, Reflect automatically creates a backlink in the referenced note. This helps in maintaining context and understanding the relationships between different pieces of information.

5. Clean and Minimalist Interface

Reflect is designed with a clean and minimalist user interface, reducing distractions and allowing users to focus on their note-taking. The simplicity of the interface makes it easy to use and navigate.

6. Privacy and Security

Reflect emphasizes user privacy and data security. Notes are encrypted, ensuring that your information is kept secure and private.

7. Cross-Platform Sync

The app supports cross-platform synchronization, allowing users to access their notes from different devices. Whether you’re using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, your notes are always up-to-date and accessible.

8. AI Integration

Reflect provides unique features that streamline the writing process, such as revising and formatting text to make it more polished and concise.

9. Voice Notes

The app allows you to capture thoughts quickly and effortlessly using voice recordings.

10. Kindle Highlights Import

Reflect enables you to import highlights from your Kindle books directly into the app.

Simplify Your Research Workflow with Otio's AI-Native Workspace

Knowledge workers, researchers, and students today suffer from content overload and are left to deal with it using fragmented, complex, and manual tooling. Too many of them settle for stitching together complicated bookmarking, read-it-later, and note-taking apps to get through their workflows. Now that anyone can create content with the click of a button - this problem is only going to get worse. 

Otio solves this problem by providing one AI-native workspace for researchers. It helps them

1. Collect

A wide range of data sources, from bookmarks, tweets, and extensive books to YouTube videos. 

2. Extract key takeaways

With detailed AI-generated notes and source-grounded Q&A chat

3. Create

Draft outputs using the sources you've collected

Otio helps you go from reading list to first draft faster. Along with this, Otio also helps you write research papers/essays faster. Here are our top features loved by researchers: AI-generated notes on all bookmarks (Youtube videos, PDFs, articles, etc.), Otio enables you to chat with individual links or entire knowledge bases, just like you chat with ChatGPT, as well as AI-assisted writing. 

Let Otio be your AI research and writing partner — try Otio for free today!

How Does the Reflect Note Taking App Function?

woman using her phone app for Reflect Note Taking

Import and Export

Reflect supports importing notes from various applications such as:

  • Apple Notes (HTML)

  • Evernote (ENEX)

  • Markdown

  • Roam (JSON)

  • Workflowy (OPML)

  • Roam Research (JSON)

While you could import your entire vault or system from tools like Obsidian, it’s a little tedious. At this moment Reflect will only import from a single folder of files and will not recursively import any files in a sub-folder. If you were going to switch to Reflect full-time, then the import limitation shouldn't be that big a hurdle in your work.

Another issue with the Reflect import system is that it doesn’t handle any media you have added to your vault in the form of images/files. So that PDF you had embedded in existing notes won’t import. Reflect will allow you to drag/drop images, PDFs and other media into your notes inside their application, it just won’t import any of your existing media from markdown files.

Entering Text in Reflect

Entering text in Reflect is straightforward, just start typing. Reflect has some markdown support, though it doesn’t preserve the markdown as it turns it into “smarter” text-rich text, which creates some limitations.

Mastering Heading Levels in Reflect

Say you add two ## to create a second-level heading. This will convert into a heading in Reflect, but then maybe you decide that it needs to be ### a third-level heading. Reflect has your back here as you can highlight your heading and change it to that third-level heading. But if you wanted to change from ### to #### a fourth level heading, you can’t without deleting the heading and typing the needed amount of # again. 

Unlocking the Full Potential of Heading Styles in Reflect

Reflect supports different styling for the full range of H1 → H6 that is standard, it just doesn’t provide you an easy way to change between them from the graphical text editor that the application provides. Another way to add content to your notes is with the /Slash commands that the application provides.

Organizing Notes in Reflect

Like many apps before it, Reflect has no folders available for organizing your notes. In their academy for learning to take notes, they say that folders create friction because you have to spend time thinking about where your notes go in your folder hierarchy. While I agree that many people spend far too much time organizing notes instead of producing anything, a simple folder structure can be an excellent thing.

Finding Your Notes in Reflect

To find your notes Reflect provides a search function in the top left corner. You can access it by clicking in the search box or by pressing ⌘ K while Reflect is selected. The search is decent, but I’d love to see a syntax for including/excluding things like tags in a note. Maybe I want to search for an article I wrote and don’t want to see notes on other articles I’ve read about using an iPad. I don’t see a way currently to add any type of filtering to your search.

Browser Extensions

The Reflect browser extensions are used for two things. First, you can use them as a way to clip content into Reflect for later. Second, you use them to sync your Kindle notes into Reflect.


Templates are an excellent feature that can streamline and standardize your content entry. Reflect comes with three templates built in including:

  • A company template for entering data about a company

  • A journaling entry template

  • A person template for information about a person

  • To add a template press the big Add Template button.

Daily Notes and Calendar integration

When you open up Reflect, you start with today’s daily note, and like Roam you can edit notes way ahead of time, compared to most other notetaking apps. It’s also tightly connected to Google Calendar so you can see your events here too, and easily add your notes to these events.

This is amazing for meetings since you definitely want to write your thoughts about what’s been said. Other than that, it’s super easy to simply dump everything you come across that day, in one central interface.

Meeting Notes with Reflect App

Reflect allows you to connect your Google and Microsoft accounts which allows both Contact sync and Calendar sync. Once you’ve added your calendar integration your meetings will show up in the left sidebar. Clicking the plus button beside a meeting will let you create a new meeting note.

Reflect AI Integration

As with many note apps currently, Reflect has integrated AI features into their application. These are available via the /Slash commands. As with any AI integration, when you send your content to AI that means the AI system can read the content you just sent to it. Be careful with what you send outside your notes. If you want the information to be private, don’t ask AI to summarize it for you. If you don’t use the AI feature then it has no effect on the security of your notes because you’re never sending any data outside of Reflect.

Benefits Of Using Reflect For Your Note Taking

man using computer for Reflect Note Taking

Enhanced Organization

Reflect's features like bi-directional linking, tags, and backlinks help users organize their notes in a more structured and interconnected manner, making it easier to manage large volumes of information. Bi-directional linking allows users to connect related notes, creating a network of information that is easily navigable. 

Tags help users categorize their notes, making it simpler to search for specific topics or ideas. Backlinks offer users the ability to see connections between different notes, facilitating a deeper understanding of the material and helping users organize their thoughts.

Improved Productivity

The app’s daily notes and integration with other tools promote consistent note-taking and help users stay organized and on top of their tasks and projects. Daily notes provide users with a structured and straightforward way to capture their thoughts and ideas each day, ensuring that no important information is lost. 

The integration with other tools, like task managers or calendars, makes it easy for users to link notes to specific projects or events, enhancing their productivity and efficiency in managing various tasks.

Better Idea Management

By allowing users to link related notes and create a web of connected ideas, Reflect helps in better idea management and creative thinking. Users can easily see the relationships between different concepts, aiding in deeper understanding and insight generation. 

The ability to visualize connections between notes allows for better organization of ideas, fostering creative thinking and problem-solving. Reflect's format spurs users' creativity and encourages them to explore new connections between different concepts, leading to innovative and novel ideas.

Increased Focus

The minimalist design of Reflect reduces distractions, allowing users to focus on capturing and organizing their thoughts without unnecessary clutter. The clean and streamlined interface of Reflect creates a conducive environment for users to concentrate on their note-taking, eliminating distractions that could hinder their cognitive processes. This increased focus enables users to capture their thoughts more efficiently and accurately, leading to a more organized and structured note-taking process.

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Pros & Cons Of Using Reflect For Your Note Taking

woman with tab - Reflect Note Taking


Reflect Note Taking App has several advantages that make it a favorite tool for many users, including myself. First, it has an intuitive user interface that allows effortless navigation within the app. Whether you are organizing your notes, creating drafts, or simply browsing, the Reflect Note Taking App is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward.

Robust journaling and note-taking

One of the most notable strengths of the Reflect Note Taking App is its robust journaling and note-taking capabilities. The app is well-suited for both short, concise notes and lengthy journal entries, making it a versatile tool for any kind of user.

Innovative features 

Another pro of the Reflect Note Taking App is the innovative features it offers. The AI-driven functionality of the app, as well as its seamless integration with other tools and workflows, make it an essential part of my productivity toolkit. The app's Daily Notes feature is particularly handy, allowing me to start writing without any delay or friction.

Outliner Editor

The Reflect Note Taking App includes an outliner editor, which is extremely useful for brainstorming and jotting down thoughts with incomplete sentences. Also, the voice notes feature enables me to capture thoughts quickly without the need for extensive typing.


Despite its numerous advantages, the Reflect Note Taking App does have a few drawbacks that users should be aware of before committing to using the app. One of the most prominent cons I've noticed is the app's login system. Every time I log in, I have to wait for an email link to arrive, which can sometimes take over 10 minutes.The app doesn't provide the option for standalone username and password login.

Limited viewing options

Reflect Note Taking App has limited note viewing options. You can only open one note in the main window and a second note in a slideover pane. When browsing notes, the slideover pane closes, forcing you to reopen it, which can be quite inconvenient. This limited functionality makes it challenging to reference multiple notes simultaneously while writing, particularly when compared to other note-taking tools like Obsidian.

Lacks Android support

The app also lacks support for Android devices, meaning users with mixed devices will be unable to access Reflect Note Taking App on their Android phones or tablets. While some functionality may be available through the web, this can be quite limiting for users who rely on Android devices.

AI dependency

Another downside of the Reflect Note Taking App is its dependence on AI features, such as GPT-4 and Whisper from OpenAI. While these AI-driven functionalities enhance the app's capabilities, some users may have privacy concerns about their notes being processed by external AI models.

Reflect Note Taking App is a paid tool, starting at $6.00 per month. This cost may be a deterrent for users who prefer free or low-cost note-taking solutions, as there are several free alternatives available in the market.

6 Reflect Alternatives For Note Taking

man showing uses of Reflect Note Taking

1. Otio: AI Research and Writing Partner

Otio is an AI-native workspace designed to cater to the needs of knowledge workers, researchers, and students who face content overload. This app provides a simple solution for anyone looking to streamline their workflow by offering features like collecting data from various sources, extracting key takeaways with AI-generated notes, and creating draft outputs using the collected sources. 

Otio also helps in accelerating the process of writing research papers and essays by providing AI-generated notes on all bookmarks, enabling chat with individual links or entire knowledge bases. This app serves as an efficient AI research and writing partner for individuals looking to enhance their productivity.

2. Logseq: Privacy-Focused Knowledge Sharing Platform

Logseq is a unique platform that emphasizes privacy, longevity, and user control, making it an excellent alternative to Reflect. This app supports Markdown, works offline, offers ad-free experience, full-text search functionality, dark mode, and more features for users who prioritize privacy and data control.

3. Notesnook: Cross-Platform Private Notes App

Notesnook is a straightforward and reliable cross-platform private notes app that ensures notes are organized and synced across devices. Its offline functionality, end-to-end encryption, privacy-focused approach, dark mode, support for Markdown, and ad-free experience make it an appealing choice for users seeking a secure and user-friendly note-taking option.

4. Trilium Notes: Hierarchical Note-Taking Application

Trilium Notes stands out as a hierarchical note-taking application that caters to users looking for a feature-rich alternative to Reflect. With its dark mode, no tracking policy, offline capabilities, end-to-end encryption, ad-free experience, cloud sync option, privacy-focused design, and web clipper feature, Trilium Notes offers a comprehensive set of functionalities for efficient note management.

5. Evernote: Popular Multi-Platform Note-Taking Tool

Evernote is a widely recognized note-taking tool that offers various features for managing notes, to-do lists, and tasks, making it a versatile alternative to Reflect. Available on multiple platforms, including Mac, Windows, online, Android, and iPhone, Evernote appeals to users seeking a familiar and robust note-taking solution.

6. Anytype: Multi-Platform Note-Taking App

Anytype is a versatile note-taking app that caters to users looking for a comprehensive solution for managing notes, to-do lists, and tasks. With support for multiple platforms like Mac, Windows, online, Android, and iPhone, Anytype offers users a convenient and accessible option for organizing their thoughts and tasks effectively.

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Supercharge Your Researching Ability With Otio — Try Otio for Free Today Best

Otio is a game-changer for knowledge workers, researchers, and students struggling with content overload. It streamlines the process of collecting, extracting, and creating by providing an all-in-one AI-native workspace. It enables users to gather information from various sources, including bookmarks, tweets, books, and videos, and then distills key insights into detailed AI-generated notes and source-grounded Q&A chats. 

AI-Generated Notes and Bookmark Integration

Otio doesn't stop there; it allows users to leverage their collected sources to quickly draft outputs, facilitating a smoother transition from reading lists to first drafts. One of Otio's standout features is AI-generated notes on all bookmarks, whether they're from YouTube videos, PDFs, or articles. 

Flexible Communication and AI-Assisted Writing

Otio supports flexible communication by enabling users to chat with individual links or entire knowledge bases, similar to conversing with ChatGPT., Otio offers AI-assisted writing functionality to help users compose research papers and essays more efficiently. With Otio as your AI research and writing partner, you can enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow. 

Give Otio a try for free today and experience the difference it can make in your research journey.

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